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February 13, 2015

Comparing Hosting Prices? Make Sure It’s Apples to Apples!


Hosting is cheap. You can go online and find hosting for a few dollars a month. Of course, most clients are aware of this, so it’s natural that the question pops up: Why does your hosting cost so much more than [insert $5/month provider here]?

nine10 Hosting is More Than Hosting

Our hosting price is higher than the bottom-of-the-barrel hosting options on the web. What makes it different (and worth it) is the support that comes with it. When you host your nine10-built website with us, the hosting includes a high degree of support and service for the hosting and your website.

When you host with us…

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November 13, 2014

5 Simple Rules for Choosing Fonts


Using fonts for your business in any print materials (such as newspaper ads, in-store print outs, memos, etc) or for the web, might seem like a pretty easy job, but think again. Unless you know a thing or two about typography, it is really common for someone to choose a font that doesn’t work.

In fact, there are people who have made whole careers out of fonts. Typographers and Letterers can spend hours drawing the same letters in different ways, and Graphic Designers use fonts in almost every project they do. I still remember when I was in college studying Graphic Design, and spending hours attempting to draw fonts flawlessly for my Typography class. I think I spent four hours writing my own name! Read This Article >

September 3, 2014

15 Tips for Athletes Using Social Media

social media for athletes

 – The following article was prepared for, and reposted from the AthletesCAN Athlete Handbook – 

My name is Ryan Blais, I am a retired member of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Team; an athlete from the discipline of Aerials. During the ladder years of my career I gained some notoriety from my strategic use of the web and, more specifically, by how I was leveraging social media to share my athletic journey. Although athletes leveraging social media in 2014 is now commonplace, this was certainly not the case back in 2006-2010 when I first started to experiment with these powerful new platforms. At the time, there were very few athletes successfully utilizing these amazingly powerful and accessible new tools. Read This Article >

What Customers Say...

"Once again nine10 Incorporated has helped improve the face of the Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival. Last year they created our new and dynamic logo in time for our tenth anniversary. This year, they applied their creative talent to a new web site that's easy to use and fun to look at. Somehow, they know how to capture the spirit of our brand and bring it to life. It's real eye-candy! Everyone on the team is friendly and very generous in applying their time and efforts to our needs. We couldn't ask for better, and we certainly look forward to their assistance in the future."

Clyde Blackburn
Grande Prairie International Street Performers Festival Association

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